• Again was hoping to have Outcome / Results messaging for my women’s group BUT I decided to practice with Tango and wrote this. Any feedback ? and not sure where I will use it yet…(and is it “bad” etiquette to “accuse” other teachers?? is there a more polite way to say what i’m saying? )

    Here is the key reason you’re still not getting the dances…Read More

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    • You are not saying ANY about those other dance instructors. You kept it focused on the emotion and how the client was feeling

    • You may be talking to a specific audience so these questions might not be relevant.
      What does social dance-ability/navigating a social dance floor mean?
      What would be an example of a bad habit? I’m just asking for clarity.
      By dance reputation do you mean social dance reputation?

      • thanks @joel for your questions.
        so many teachers teach ‘tango’ as choreographed patterns and steps which is not useful for the social dance floor – so they /students don’t actually learn to dance – to lead or to follow.
        a bad habit in tango? there are so many – there are bad lead habits bad follow habits and then bad social dance floor etiquette…Read More

        • Thanks @Daniela. Great answers, they make things a lot clearer for me. Here is another version based on your responses. I hope this helps.:

          Here is the key reason you’re still not getting the dances you want at social events – it’s not your focus, and it’s not your inability to learn something new…. it’s because your attention has been on mak…Read More

  • are we meetingtoday?

  • Did anyone save the transcript or chat? I got so caught up in the conversation, thinking about my message, and listening to others, I completely forgot to save anything. My bad!

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  • Who is available and interested in meeting this Friday, November 11, either at 10:30 AM or 11 AM ET to get support with their draft for this month’s message? I will set up a Zoom meeting.

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  • Does anyone know where the example SHannon used in her facebook that she taught from last week?
    I’ve gotten this far, I have challenged myself to get this on my facebook today- I want to honor my commitment to myself and my business

    I would love to see her example

    here are the directions from my notes
    Craft your opening line that…Read More

  • Hi all! I’m having an issue accessing the calendar today. Anyone else? Here’s the error – I’ve tried on cellular and WiFi.

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  • Feedback welcome. This one is for my Gutsy Women Finances community.

    Here’s a major reason why you continue to struggle with money, even though you have a decent income.

    You weren’t taught a thing about how to manage your money growing up. Now you don’t know where to start and you haven’t found anyone you can really trust to guide you o…Read More

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    • I like it. But, there is a disconnect for me between the quiz and the community. You say this is for your Gutsy community but then you start the story with the quiz and the CTA is about taking the quiz, not joining a community. There isn’t any context for the community when you talk about it in the story. I would say this piece is about getting…Read More

    • Brenda – great job diving in and taking action. Woohoo!

    • Hi Brenda,
      I love the opening.
      And I think you have a wonderful story about Madison & the club.
      Did Madison take the quiz before or after she joined Gutsy Women Club? Your mention of some of the things you did w/ her made me curious. Are the exercises and your instructions part of the Club something different? What do I get from the club if I…Read More

  • would love some feedback. Is it compelling?

    Here is a key reason your hormones are behaving badly, even though you are eating a healthy diet and taking DIM.

    Your minerals are out of whack. You have too much iron and not enough copper.
    What do I mean by that?

    None of us wants to bust our butt at the gym, eat kale, and take a boatload of…Read More

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    • taking DIM? It’s a powerful story. Not sure you need this at the end – (which are BIG issues costing you time, money, joy, and your sanity). You’ve unearthed those pieces in your story.

    • instead of taking DIM, you can just mention supplements in general. Plus, DIM & DM are somewhat similar, someone skimming might not pay enough attention.

  • I’d love some feedback on this:

    Here’s a major reason why you keep starting the new year under a cloud of money worries.

    You’re getting sucked into the holiday shopping frenzy and you’re not planning ahead.

    Let me explain. None of us wants to start the new year feeling like it will take forever just to “catch up” from our holiday…Read More

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  • My thought leader content…
    Does this make you feel like buying?

    Here is the key reason why your hair is dull and lifeless even though you take care of your hair with quality hair products.

    It’s because you have metal and mineral build-up and your hair could use a detox!

    It’s frustrating to spend lots of money on quality, pro…Read More

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    • Aimee, Not sure I’d go into the specific elements. And I’m not sure how your product can counteract the water issue. I really have no idea what goes into a hair detoxing session, but maybe your audience does?

      • Thank you so much Brenda! I appreciate your feedback. I plan to use an image with the minerals and metals that are most harmful to the hair with a small explanation of the damage they cause to the hair. As well as a before and after photo of a client’s detox session. I would love to hear your thoughts on those visuals.

    • I agree with Brenda about not using the specific elements. Do you have a story about someone who did the detox and how fabulous their hair was?

      For the first sentence I’d say, “Here is the key reason your hair is dull and lifeless even though you use high quality hair products.”

      “You have heavy metal and mineral build-up.”

      What do I mean by…Read More

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