• Qualifier Questions:
    1. Are they a busy mom seeking self -care?
    2. Are they someone who is curious about energy work?
    3. Are they someone seeking treatments to enhance the health of their hair and scalp?

    What Qualifies them to work with me:
    1. Must be open to energy work
    2. Feeling stressed out and feeling “off”
    3. Are concerned with the…Read More

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  • Sales Qualifier Questions:

    1. Do you have the desire to learn a musical skill (instrument, voice, note reading, songwriting, etc.)?

    2. Do you have the time to travel to and take a music lesson, plus time to practice during the week (approximately daily in one or more sessions for at least the length of the lesson)? If the student is under 10…Read More

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    • My sales calls have an extremely high conversion rate–near 100%. Maybe these questions would be better as reinforcing questions for the sales call? We have some of them on our interest form (pre-call), some of them on the call, and others in an onboarding form. We seem to have patched the leak from the interest form to booking a call, so that’s…Read More

    • I like your questions Ruth (and the high converting rates !!). But I was wondering if you have students who want to take lessons but cannot/ will not make the time to practice daily, but may do it like twice a week. Knowing they ll make less progress obviously, but happy to go at their own pace – I am thinking people like me, in their 40s or 50s,…Read More

      • Yes of course! These questions are a starting place and not exactly screening questions, which is why I am a little shy about using them before the call. However, it is still true that many of my students who only practice 0 – 2 times a week do not progress at all and only build bad habits. It’s actually more joyful to do 5 minutes a day than one…Read More

        • Ruth, use that in the question and I think the practice question can be a stand alone. Do you have time to practice daily? We believe it’s more joyful to do 5 minutes a day than one hour once a week and students who have a daily practice habit tend to progress quicker.

    • It seems like you’re asking people to commit to a lifestyle in order to be successful. I’m curious about things like, what’s going to get in the way of you putting in the necessary practice time? I’m also curious about their vision of success for 3 months, for 6 months, for a year. And I’m also curious about their story – why do they want to learn…Read More

      • Yes, thank you Dan, these are all questions we already use on the sales call and intake sheet. At this stage I wouldn’t want to use them (particularly “what will get in the way?”) as qualifier questions for fear they would scare folks away.

  • Sales Qualifier Questions

    I revised my sales qualifier questions on the Packages page of my website: https://www.badassity.com/packages
    The qualifier questions are in the form of statements in a section entitled Who’s This For? for each of my packages.
    Feedback requested: Are the differentiations of the packages clear? Each successive package…Read More

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    • Very clear to me. One thing that might need to be explained is “on-location session”. This could be read as on your location or on a location of my choice.

    • Hi Dan, I like your packages, and the “who is it for” is very clear. That made me think about mine, as I have these sections on my offers and packages. But, Reality check : I don’t think people read them (if they even reach that place of the offer description page !)
      So I would suggest that you have a form (or maybe it is included in your sales…Read More

    • Remember, people don’t always read a website. I would use better question in your schedule a consultation form. “How can I help” is too generic.

  • Here are my questions:
    What are your life and real estate goals?
    Have you invested in real estate before? If so, please describe your experience.
    Are you familiar with different types of real estate investments (e.g., residential, commercial, multifamily, etc.)?
    What is your risk tolerance when it comes to real estate investments?
    What time frame…Read More

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    • Hey Ann – great start. I think these questions need refined. I’ve added some notes:

      How confident are you in your abilities to achieve your goals: Very confident, somewhat confident, not at all (this is too broad – “goals” – can you please clarify which GOAL you are speaking of?

      What is the biggest hurdle you’re facing that’s preventing you…Read More

  • Hi all,
    I have revisited my form and my questions – here they are ;
    I wonder is the ‘why are you interested in this type of work’ could sound a bit too much and putting people off ?

    You have booked an assessment session with me and I am delighted to get to know you better !
    Before we get to talk I d like to have more clarity…Read More

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    • For the money question, borrow the one we have.
      Do you have the resources/money to invest without causing undue financial stress?

    • I love the two ideas: Magic and your values. We always go over this form in our training sessions so that people see the questions we ask and they can ask questions before they dive in. We haven’t done a video before, but I like that for you. ❤️

      • I realise I need something like a process to take people through these questions when they call to book – as some are referred to me, or find me on the net and go straight into booking a session. And some then happen to be not a good match. I guess including these questions into the call would allow a better ‘screening’

    • For you “Why are you interested in this type of work ?” question… go back to your values. exploration, healing and integrity – can you reword it to include one of those instead of the way you are saying it now?

      • Thanks Amy – I have tried rewording that question, this is what I could come up with
        My values are soul exploration, healing, meeting with the sacred, integrity and Body – Soul- mind : these are what drives me to do what I do the way I do it. This work is a constant exploration of the soul. What would be your values in this type of work ?

    • Really good questions, Claire! Well done. I also like your introduction to the questions.

  • Can’t wait to see your questions that we worked on together. Share them here and be ready to brainstorm on Wednesday. ❤️

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  • Hey everyone! I just noticed I posted my value messaging post, without introducing myself. So here I am!

    I’m Mariela Cabezas, and I’m the founder of Soul Business Design. I create websites for established coaches, consultants and service providers that help them get more leads and clients – and grow their businesses. I am based in Hamburg,…Read More

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  • My first value messaging post – please be gentle 🙈

    3 things you need on your website if you want more leads, clients and $$ for your business, and why they matter.

    Your website should do more than just being another item on your to-do list. It should help you get more leads and clients, even when you are not in front of your…Read More

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    • Try to keep things as simple as you can. Just say what is 🙂

      3 things you need on your website if you want more leads, clients and $$ for your business (don’t say anything else. This stands well alone.)

    • You can remove this phrase as well “Here are my top-3 things:”

    • #1 has like 4 suggestions in it. Pick 1 of the things, and maybe dive a little into it.

    • I love #2 and #3. Rewording suggestion for #3: Have a clear way for people to quickly reach out to you – the easiest way is to have your calendar embedded directly into the page, so that they don’t need to leave the website to book a call with you.

    • Great ending! You can make this as a post now and make sure you add something fun and visual to it later.

  • Is anyone else having trouble accessing the portal and recordings of past sessions? I feel like I’m in a loop and can’t get to anything but this page. Suggestions?

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