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    I’m doing an upcoming workshop w/ a friend. It is a guided meditation & energetic healing. So I thought I would experiment w/ using the Nov format to promote. Energy is sometimes, a hard concept to easily quantify or make understandable for the masses, but I thought I would take a shot at it. I did my best. I encourage commentary.
    Here is a key reason why you are not manifesting your Holiday Wishes, despite all your passionate longing.
    You are energetically & unconsciously blocked by past trauma & events.
    For over 5,000 Eastern philosophy has talked about energy & how the mind affects the body.
    In the past century, Western science has caught up & bridged the gap with Eastern thinking:
    The field of quantum mechanics & its “spooky effects” dovetail with energy.
    Psychology and its related fields parallel understanding how thought directly affects behavior & our physical bodies.
    During this Hypno-Vortex guided meditation, we will work to clear mental & energetic blockages that prevent you from realizing your hopes & dreams.
    Her story: A past attendee came to us blocked, wanting to connect to her ancestral roots as a healer, not knowing how to make it happen.
    The disconnect, the trapped energy was palpable. It was like a hamster on a wheel, never getting anywhere, never connecting her to her power, to the healers that came before her, to her passion to help others.
    We worked through a few rounds of guided meditation & energetic healing releasing blockages, and bringing unconscious thought into alignment with her desires.
    After each round, we would check in and find out about her experience, and the changes that occurred (Everyone’s experience is different.).
    Each round we could see, sense, and notice her becoming lighter. Each round she would share her visions, and the feeling she was becoming both lighter and more grounded. She felt more connected to the flow of energy from the earth, her ancestors & above. She was then able to become a channel for her healing energy & the energies of those that came before her.
    If you would like help in clearing mental & energetic blockages from your past that are holding you back from manifesting your dreams this could be the workshop for you.
    Click here for information about the upcoming date.

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    • I got bogged down in the intro. Read it 3 times and I’m still not sure what it says. Do you need the energetically in the second sentence – You are unconsciously blocked by past trauma and events.

      You are missing “years” from the next sentence, “For over 5,000 [years]. . . And I’m a cynic. When you say that Western science has caught up, it feels very Euro-centric and dismissive of non-Western cultures. My guard is up.

      “The field of quantum mechanics & its “spooky effect” dovetail with energy.” What does that mean? It feels very jargon-y and I don’t “get it.”

      Can you simplify? Use basic terms? Or is that the language “your people” speak?

      • Hi Brenda,
        Thank you very much for your comments. Since it is an event combining guided meditation & energetic healing, I feel like the energetically is needed but I will consider it further.
        I was thinking that “Western science has caught up…” the other way, that Eastern philosophy was way ahead and we are only beginning to catch up. I guess a rewrite is needed.
        “Spooky effect” refers to quantum entanglement and the idea that atoms can affect each other over long distances. Using it was an attempt to get around talking about energy healing w/o getting into long explanations. I guess it is back to the drawing board.
        Very helpful comments. Thanks again.

        • Hey Joel – your audience may very well be in tune with the concepts. I’m reading this as an “outsider,” so you might want to try it out on a few fans who are better informed of your offerings.



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