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    2 months, 2 weeks ago

    Sometimes, I swear, I can follow recipes exactly the way they’re written.

    But they rarely turn out as well as when I take a few liberties. Know what I mean?
    The vegetables cut in your family’s preferred shapes.
    The sugar and salt adjusted to your tastes.

    Even adding the ingredients in the order you’re most comfortable with (liquids first vs. dry ingredients first) that leaves you with the energy to bake or cook with LOVE. Preparing food with a loving heart is the real secret to success.

    It’s the thoughtfulness and care that goes into it. The customization.

    And really, if we did everything with that much attention, wouldn’t the world be a better place?

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    • Hey Ruth – I love this storytelling and anology – but where is the tie in back to you, your biz, the lesson with music, etc? I feel like this ends kinda abruptly – I’m a little lost. Can you patch the holes?

      • Working on it! I know what it is, but this sounds so little like me I kinda abandoned it. Trying a different tone that feels less like every email salesperson I’ve ever encountered. Stay tuned!

    • I love this! and yes – what Shannon said!!! 🙂

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