• 3 Fun Facts:

    1. I went Hot Air Ballooning in Sedona.
    2. I participated in a Guinness Book of World Records event building the largest ice cream cake because I’m married to Tom Carvel’s nephew.
    3. I was chased by a nun around the property of a sacred site (Mount of Beatitudes) in Israel. She chased me out to the parking lot saying I was…Read More

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  • Not sure if this makes sense?

    February 2023: 3 Step Expert Process

    1:1 Sessions

    A: Supporting divorced women to transform negative emotions
    B: Feel more heart centered so positive outcomes can be created

    3 Step Expert Process

    1. Sit in a chair and relax for an hour. There is no physical touch involved.
    2. Your heart is opened…Read More

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    • I like it! What will be your CTA?

    • Help me understand these phrases: “selected procedures are weaved into the body” “A Lightbody essence is made for you to take home”

      • Would selected procedures are energetically worked into the body? The lightbody essence is something similar to flower essences that people physically take. I could remove that part.

        • Almost! Can you tell me more about the selected procedures? And as to the open heart, is it open from relaxing in the chair or does that really happen in Step 2? All this passive voice is calming, but tricky to pin down. I actually love the idea of an essence to take home or take at home. Is Lightbody a brand name? Would it be inaccurate to call…Read More

          • There are about 40 procedures and they are different. The heart gets opened with a procedure in the beginning so you can be receptive to the healing. The essences are made with crystal vibrations that are picked for each person out of a kit of 77 different ones. Lightbody is not a brand name but is referring to our lightbody (which is an…Read More

            • That’s fine–we’re all so close to our own work, it’s helpful to have someone who knows nothing to bounce things off. My take (do with these what you want–you probably won’t use these words but it may inspire the right words): 2. Your heart is made receptive to the healing process and [specially selected?] procedures such as (choose two examples)…Read More

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  • January 2023: Core Values for your Brand

    Possibility – I believe we all hold gifts that remain hidden from us. Once we unlock those gifts, we can accelerate in our lives and live in our greatest joy.

    Transformation – I believe the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies all need support to create expansion, love, clarity and per…Read More

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  • Here are my Brand Statements. I was ill last week and did not make the call. Any feedback is appreciated.

    December 2022: Brand Commitment Statements

    What is yours to do concerning your clients?

    I am committed to helping divorced women heal the traumas that happened throughout their marriage or in their life so future relationships…Read More

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