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    posted Core Values to FB page with CTA to join email list or to join FB group

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  • Here are my improved core values. Thank you Daniela, Susan and Joel.

    Creativity: I believe everyone is imaginative. Creative expression provides a powerful bridge when language barriers arise.

    Community: I believe teamwork provides support and inspiration. Participation becomes fun and encourages accountability.

    Connection: I believe bu…Read More

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  • I LOVE my new Core Values!!!! Thank you @susanlazar @kpetersdomingoinformatics-ca @joel

    I believe that a successful tango academy grows dancers & supports learners on their journey of discovery, movement, and connection.

    I believe we all have the capacity to move with joy, sensuality, and have fun doing…Read More

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    • Gorgeous! Maybe consider putting Expansion last in the list or changing “grows” to “nurtures.” (Sounds a little like you’re expanding your academy otherwise–but doesn’t have the same connotation at the end of your inspiring list.) Great work–pithy and energetic!

      • Thank you @ruthviolincox-net! helpful – and I am expanding and aiming to grow… I like nurtures too…

        • Right, but I wouldn’t say that first addressing the students. It’s good to have in there, though, so they know referrals are welcome, etc. I’d keep “grow” and put it last in the list. But it’s good either way! Really wonderful work.

    • so fun working together-

  • What do you think of these?

    EASE: Learning music can be comfortable, easy, and enjoyable.

    EXPRESSION: You have something to say. Music is a marvelous way to say it.

    MASTERY: You have an artistic spirit. We’ll help you send it into the world.

    CONNECTION: We meet you where you are and engage with kindness, honesty, and innov…Read More

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    • Aloha, Ruth! I like to go with the NLP (neuro-linguistic programming) model of not trying to say what I’m aiming at with a negative… meaning the subconscious works in images, and we can’t negate an image. So… If I say to you “don’t think of the color of your car” you pretty much think of it right away, because the image my words presented is…Read More

      • Love NLP! I don’t know it thoroughly, but I teach as much as I can using positives. I really want to address the physical pain often associated with learning an instrument, often from past experience. With the help of a thesaurus I found the word “comfortable” (duh). I also un-Yoda’d the syntax. Thank you!

    • Hi Ruth,
      I like these, and at the same time, I think you might be overthinking this. This current batch feels like you are still tuning the phrases. And that is part of the natural process to get the right notes.
      Personally I would flip the descriptions for Connection & Stewardship. I think of Stewardship as guiding them, and Connection as…Read More

      • Yes, exactly–I want the words to be just right. It takes awhile, but I disagree that it’s overthinking. I understand that it’s not necessary to have the words fine-tuned before posting. But it’s worth it to put in the extra effort at this stage to avoid the nagging distraction going forward. I’m not in a hurry!

      • I retooled the Connection and Stewardship descriptions. My intentions are the connection between teacher and student, and the school’s stewardship of the community (students and other residents).

        It bothers me slightly that the two stewardship pieces are lumped together. Or maybe mostly that the resident half is wordier. The easiest way to b…Read More

        • “Do service performances” “provide service opportunities” “perform around town”
          senior centers, veteran’s homes, children’s (and general) hospitals, day camps, schools, restaurants, worship areas, farmers’ markets…
          Also, the providers of the scholarships and the performers are not exactly the same populations, which bugs me a little.

      • I agree that the Expression description seems a little bland. I’m writing for adults and children, analytical and visceral folks, and I want to keep the text simple. Does my small tweak help convey the magic?

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