• Hello! I’d love some feedback on my lead conversion tool. Here is what I have so far, but I’m struggling.

    The idea I have for the resource is an assessment that will help them get clarity as to whether what they are currently using (if anything at all) is suiting their needs and if my solution would be an easier and less overwhelming option. Is…Read More

    Hi folks!
    I’m struggling with my Title and Subtitle for my Lead Conversion Tool for my Level 5 client and I’d love some feedback.
    Level 5 client:
    * women healthcare professionals
    * verging on burnout
    * despite doing a”all the things” to stay healthy and happy
    * they know something needs to change but they’re…Read More

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    • Hi @annannbecks-co – the ‘reclaim yourself’ subtitle doesn’t resonate with me. It feels murky. I’m not sure what that means. Can you use different wording there? I like the rest of it. The title feels clear and I like that different levels of assessment will lead to different suggestions/outcomes.

  • Can anyone help me, I’ve been looking for Zoom link for Magnet workshop for Tuesday and can’t find it?

  • Hello CPC Friends!

    I’m a newbie here and will be joining you on April 17th. Bios are exercises in choosing a story to tell, so I will choose three things here.

    1) I have been working in leadership coaching, writing, and facilitation space for a long time and am zeroing in on my message and work for the last and best 10 years of my work…Read More

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  • Week of April 15 newsletter draft – Subject: Join me for “Riding the Waves of Business: A Mastermind Day at the Lake” 🌊

    As I reflect on my journey in the insurance brokering world, I’m reminded of the challenges I faced as a mid-30s trailblazer in a male-dominated industry. Back then, there were few women brokerage owners, and being a young…Read More

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  • Here is my draft:

    Have you ever thrown the baby out with the bathwater?

    Once an owner came into my HR office and said ‘we need to fire a VP’. As HR there are two things I always insist upon – process and doing the right thing. So of course I said ‘show me the documentation’. He brought back 3 pages of every minor and major grievance…Read More

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    • Great story! Maybe also tie in that retaining people and retraining can also be better for a business bottom line than throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  • Update I have the theme for my newsletter – Ride the Waves with Anthea – and a landing page for signing up. Content ideas are starting to flow. First issue is about my recent travel experience to Costa Rica and tying in how making an ask resulted in a yes.

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  • Here’s my first draft — entitled: The CEO who cleaned toilets

    There once was a business owner who thought she was a CEO.

    She owned a retail store where she did everything…

    from bookkeeping, purchasing, selling, making displays, hiring, firing –She even cleaned the toilets!! She was exhausted trying to do everything herself even tho…Read More

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    • I think this is mostly there overall – I just want to ask – (because I am learning) is the ‘thought reversal’ clear enough? You USED to be the CEO and then needed to focus on your daughter and to your SURPRISE – the business grew – but WHY & HOW – I “think” needs to be addressed – so people can understand how you can help them.

    • what is WLPM? I think you need to just say it – work less, profit more because you are diving into another acronym with GROW.

    • Can you tie this back to toilets? After all, you started your business for freedom, even if you are not the one currently cleaning the toilets like I was! Let’s partner together and build your self-running business engine.

  • Draft of my first email. I am wondering if I should include photos of an aggressive dog, a cat and a horse, and I would like to find a great closing or ending. Feedback appreciated!…Read More

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    • I like the parallels you draw from kids acting out and our pets acting out. I can feel you passion for help those pet parents. As for your questions about pictures, do you have any before and after pictures? Or a picture of a “helped” pet? I might even include a before and after story of a pet and parent that you helped. That might actually work…Read More

    • Love this copy and it is so relatable to readers (even those of us who don’t have children). It just makes sense. Well done!

    • Hi there – thought I would offer some insights that my sister (a 35+ year veterinarian) used to say about pets & kids….. If the kids walked thru the door and were ill mannered i.e. running all over the place, touching everything — then the pets would act similarly! And of course, vice versa was true — if the kids came into the clinic and were…Read More

  • How my life experience uniquely positions me

    Send To: Full List
    Subject Line: How Autism Taught Me to Serve You Better (85% on Monster Insights)
    Preview Text: Lessons learned from my autism parenting journey

    Normal is a setting on my dishwasher; Autism is not.

    My daughter was 2 years old when we got the diagnosis of Autism. At that…Read More

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    • Your passion and deterination to figure out how to help your daughter definitely translates into your passion for helping your clients, and your interest in getting to know them and their needs so you can best support them too. I loved these lines: I understand your frustration if your programs are all over the…Read More

    • I love this – SO relatable! Great job on the content and drawing the parallels. Well done. I know your subject line scored high, but it’s best to have 3-5 words max in subject and preview lines. Might want to reconsider that?

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