• I’m doing an upcoming workshop w/ a friend. It is a guided meditation & energetic healing. So I thought I would experiment w/ using the Nov format to promote. Energy is sometimes, a hard concept to easily quantify or make understandable for the masses, but I thought I would take a shot at it. I did my best. I encourage…Read More

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    • I got bogged down in the intro. Read it 3 times and I’m still not sure what it says. Do you need the energetically in the second sentence – You are unconsciously blocked by past trauma and events.

      You are missing “years” from the next sentence, “For over 5,000 [years]. . . And I’m a cynic. When you say that Western science has caught up, it feels…Read More

      • Hi Brenda,
        Thank you very much for your comments. Since it is an event combining guided meditation & energetic healing, I feel like the energetically is needed but I will consider it further.
        I was thinking that “Western science has caught up…” the other way, that Eastern philosophy was way ahead and we are only beginning to catch up. I guess…Read More

        • Hey Joel – your audience may very well be in tune with the concepts. I’m reading this as an “outsider,” so you might want to try it out on a few fans who are better informed of your offerings.

  • This is my long outcome post for Gutsy Women Finances community. Would love some feedback.

    Here’s a major reason why you haven’t taken charge of your money, even though you are a smart and savvy woman with a good salary.

    You weren’t taught much about personal finances – either from your family or school. So maybe you feel a little lost…Read More

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  • Since we were talking about tigers & humor during Wed’s Convert session I thought I would share this picture.🤣

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  • I would love some input on this as I could not get on my computer yesterday to post this.
    Thank you.

    November 2022: Outcome/Result

    Here is the key reason you get sick even if you eat the best diet, sleep well and exercise daily to keep yourself healthy.

    You can do all the right things taking care of your physical body but if you do not…Read More

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    • I got a little stuck here but don’t have the right way to organize it: You have thousands of thoughts that go through your head everyday. Did you know most of them are negative? About 80% are negative. Since your body is mostly made up of water and it has been proven that you can program water with your thoughts what do you think happens to our…Read More

  • Here is a key reason you are still feeling anxious and unsettled even though you are taking medication, seeing a therapist or have shifted your thought patterns.

    You are not breathing slowly, diaphragmatically and through your nose.

    Let me explain. If you keep breathing in your chest and faster than your body actually needs, your brain and…Read More

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  • Here’s the Outcome post for my Money Archetype Quiz. Would love your feedback.

    Here’s a major reason why you haven’t taken charge of your money, even though you are a smart and savvy woman with a decent salary.

    The financial industry has turned finances into a boring, jargon-filled, and overly complicated endeavor. Their o…Read More

  • I can’t be on both calls today so I’ll be on the Quarterly session instead of this one. Your feedback is appreciated for my outcome/results oriented messaging (I’m not sure how to create a good call to action with this:

    Did you know that by being coached through your financial stress you can experience:
    Relief from the shame of exposing your…Read More

  • I’m putting this in my Saturday newsletter and on wednesdays facebook after we look at it.
    Thank you Ingrid for all the assistance- love working with accountability buddies.

    Here’s the key reason you’re not creating a life, you love even though you keep taking classes and workshops .

    Could it be possible you haven’t been taught that the joy of…Read More

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    • I think this is really great and I’m glad you had an accountability partner. The only word I would disagree with is “demoralizing”. I’m not sure people feel demoralized when they follow the paths set forth by their families or society. Maybe another word is more accurate here? Or tell me why you think that is correct.

  • Who has put their content out into the World so we can review it all tomorrow and have a brainstorming session on next leveling your content??

  • Many thanks again to Kerstin & Susan for their help.
    Here is a key reason why you are feeling stressed & overwhelmed, despite all your successes.

    Your brain is conditioned by your past.

    When it notices something that resembles a past danger, your brain hits the alarm bell. It fills you with feelings of worry,…Read More

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