• Okay, I’ve finally completed a draft of my lead magnet! I’m attaching a pdf mock-up, because it’s a visual guide and I wanted to indicate the relationship of copy and visual elements. It is a ROUGH mock-up. I’m interested in how the visual guide strikes you. Reactions to the messaging. Do you find it useful? Please be specific about the things…Read More

    Visual Charisma for Co...s Lead Magnet Draft.pdf
    35.01 MB
    • Love the visual flow of this!
      On the cover, aer YOU ideal clients saying these words? Elevate your online authority, attract
      next-level clients, connect more deeply,
      and create more impact (without being fake)

    • OMG, Dan!! Your portraits speak for themselves!! When you are in Seattle, let’s schedule a shoot!!

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  • Here is my draft. I decided to start over because I want to get my Calm & Pets: Storm and Fireworks program out for 4th of July /summer. Some of this was bolded and I can’t figure out how to make it bold here.

    I’d love feedback. It may be too long. Thanks!

    Hook: Is your pet afraid of storms or fireworks?

    It’s summer… that time of yea…Read More

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    • Hi, Blair! I like the flow of your piece very much, especially how you note the FEELING of helplessness when your pet is afraid.
      The flow is great, but feels like it could be tightened up a bit. (perhaps consolidate the What I discovered and what I figured out sections?
      Great work!

    • This might be giving away a little too much. Is there anything you feel you can pull back on in V2 that will give them clarity that they need your help?

      One suggestion is to replace this phrase: So I created a technique that anyone can quickly
      With: I teach pet parents (or owners – how ever they are identifying when you speak to them) how to…Read More

  • Hi Everyone! I’m Jaini, just joined the club. Excited to be here and really get clear on my messaging and start taking action on all the things I’ve started but not finished. And this time with the best messaging possible 😊😊
    I’m a health enthusiast and became a food relationship coach and Rapid Transformational Therapist after going through my…Read More

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  • Share your content! If you have used your content on your social media, share it so we can see and support you! ❤️

  • Where can I find last Wednesday’s CPC recording and, more importantly, the What’s New master template that was presented? Thank you

  • Finally!!! Here’s my lead magnet, with 4 follow-up emails, and the offer. I’m nervous, after lots of work, and any feedback would be gold.

    Also, I am thinking of renaming it into Mystic Quiz. It’s more direct, more playful, and more clear. Mystic Powers Review is a mouthful, and I think it will have a harder time…Read More

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    • @samirselmanovicnycgmail-com hello! I will be diving deep into this with you once you get onboarded in our other program – but for now, I’m thinking the quiz needs to be: Modern Mystic Quiz. I like this a lot – and it’s better than “review”. Thoughts?

      • Love it! Also, I was thinking Mystic Leadership Quiz. The one you suggest is for more broad audience, more playful. While MLQ would identify who is this for in terms of my level 5 client, but not that playful and energizing like MMQ.

      • Oooh, I like the dynamic justaposition of Modern Mystic!

  • Hello! Here is my first stab at a ‘what’s new’ email. My CTA is to download my guide. I’d love any feedback. Is it clear? Compelling? Make sense? Thanks!

    Email 1:
    Is the fact that you feel like you aren’t good with numbers holding you back from getting your business finances in order?

    If so, here is what you can do about it:

    I’m see…Read More

    • Not a numbers person can be one of the answers on your new quiz lead magnet.

    • How can you touch more into the emotion? This line could be different: This holds them back from growing the revenue in their business and keeps their stress levels high.

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  • Re: Looking for a marketing tool

    Hello everyone (still working on uploading the profile pic),

    I have identified 5 of my super-ideal recent clients who got a lot from my coaching, more than they ever hoped for, and were utter joys to work with. I’d like to know what worked, why me, how, everything so I can use it to align my marketing with…Read More

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    • I believe there is a ‘template’ for getting testimonials somewhere in the past lessons. I think this would help you get the information you are looking for. Maybe search around and see if you can find it. Or maybe Shannon or Amy can point you in the right direction.

      • Thank you Sara! It’s not about the testimonials though. Something strange is happening, actually. These begin as run of the mill leadership/executive coaching, helping them with leadership competencies. Then three sessions into it, the whole relationship goes into some form of flow/trance that allows people to blossom, grow, cross thresholds. So,…Read More

        • @samirselmanovicnycgmail-com I am adding this to our onboard list to follow up on when we speak. Yay! hang tight…”shannonesque” may be my new favorite word.

          • You are totally different non-bullshiter than all other non-bullshiters out there. And totally different joy-addict than other joy-addicts, a category of your own. There’s definitely Shanonesque thing going on here. 🙂

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