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    2 months, 1 week ago

    Here is a draft video, it hasn’t gone out yet, unless someone stumbles across it on YouTube,

    My Content Personality is Live/In-person. The script is below, it roughly follows the video.

    I have not designed the mentioned workshop yet, I thought using this Behind the Scenes video might be an interesting way to gauge interest. All comments are welcome. 🙂

    Title: If Buddha Looked in the Mirror What Would They Say to You

    I love Tai Chi & Chi Kung

    For me, there is something extraordinarily beautiful in this wondrous combination of exercise, breath, meditation, and easy movement. I try and do at least a little every day.

    As a hypnotist, I love the moving trance or meditation that is created.

    And a coach who is fascinated by how the body naturally tells what is going on inside our heads, and how the body can helps us influence our thoughts & emotions, tai chi & chi kung provide a wonderful place to explore and learn.

    And I love some of the metaphors & descriptions of some of the movements, and how they might be invoked to inspire & create change.

    Hence, the title of this video, “if Buddha looked in the mirror, what would they say to you”

    What might it mean to “Embrace the Tiger, Return to Mountain”?

    What would it mean to you, to learn simple physical movements & metaphors that can bring more ease into your life, and positively influence your mental & emotional states?

    If that sounds, feels exciting to you, I’m putting together a workshop called Tai Chi for Change.

    If you want to learn more, I’ve put a link to my website in the 1st comment below.

    Sign-up for my mailing list, and when you do, put Tai Chi for Change in the Subject Line or the body of the message. I’ll put you on the waiting list, and I’ll send you more details in the next several weeks.

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    • This is the best video I’ve seen from you, Joel! It’s warm and conversational. It’s just a tad disconcerting that you seem to be looking at my belly button most of the time instead of in my eyes. What if you dressed up the camera lens with a wig above and bowtie beneath? And hid your image (if that’s what you’re talking to)? You made good contact early in the video, so kudos to you for that. I just want more MORE M O R E!!!!🤗

    • THIS VIDEO is fantastic Joel! so smoothe and the messaging is fantastic. YAY. Like Ruth said, with time, you’ll be looking at us in our eyes. Keep it up!

      • Thanks Ruth! I was trying to keep my eyes up, but I guess I started looking at my image again. The idea of putting a wig around the camera is hysterical. I was looking at cameras or a stand for my phone. I wasn’t quite seeing what I wanted. I guess I will look again. Thanks, again for your wonderful encouragement.

      • Hi Shannon, Thanks for your wonderful words. This one was fun, and thinking of a way to tie back to both my mailing list & testing the concept of this class w/ a waiting list was super cool! I don’t think I would have imagined that without the constant inspiration from you, Amy & the group. I’m still thinking of recording this one more time, any suggestions?



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