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    Many thanks again to Kerstin & Susan for their help.
    Here is a key reason why you are feeling stressed & overwhelmed, despite all your successes.

    Your brain is conditioned by your past.

    When it notices something that resembles a past danger, your brain hits the alarm bell. It fills you with feelings of worry, anxiety & tension. Even when the danger no longer exists, your brain is trying to warn & protect you.

    These unneeded and unnecessary signals flooding your body are the definition of stress.

    Did you know you can reset your unconscious past with hypnosis?

    I had a client who was really nervous about an upcoming job interview and wanted more confidence. Their body was super tense, and their voice shaky when they imagined going before a small committee of interviewers and answering questions.

    Using my signature C.O.N.N.E.C.T. method, we worked together drawing upon hypnosis to give her the confidence she needed to stand in front of a panel of strangers and walk away with the job of her dreams.

    It is truly a beautiful thing to watch clients transform. If you could have been you would have seen my client’s body slowly relax & release tension as we worked.
    You would have heard her voice get stronger & steadier. Her posture become more confident until she was ready & eager to take on her interviewers.

    If you would like help undoing those patterns from your past that are holding you back from being the best version of yourself.

    DM me for information about my upcoming workshop.

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