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    Not sure it’s my final draft, but I’d love feedback on this. I can’t make the live call this week. My resource is 5 Hidden Reasons for Pet Behavior, and my target audience are Pet Moms (and maybe some Dads) who are stressed out or whose life has been affected (limited what they do) due to their pet’s behavior. I struggled a bit because I don’t necessarily think of this as a community (as in I don’t have a FB group for pet parents…yet at least.) But I think I get that they are part of my community. I’m also am not sold on asking them to reply All In.. even though I changed it to Love My Pets…it feels a little salesy (just not me). So any suggestions for another way to get people to reply? Thanks for any thoughts.

    Email 3 Example: Newsletter Expectations
    Subject Line: FNAME – Pet Parents have a special bond
    Preview: [5 Hidden Reasons for Pet Behavior]

    Note: Send 24 hours after after email 1 is delivered
    Hello, I’m dropping in again, FNAME.
    I love being a Pet Mom, the connection we have with our animals, and the lessons we can learn from each other, but I also know that being a Pet Parent can be both wonderful and super stressful.
    That’s why I created this email newsletter and community.

    You see, I love meeting other Pet Moms – the people who have a deep, special bond with their animals.
    We are a special bunch. There’s no doubt about that.

    We talk to our pets. They are part of our family.

    We see the moments of unconditional love our pets offer us. We know that behind the anxious, aggressive or stubborn behavior there is a huge heart.
    If only we could figure out how to help them.

    We would do anything to help our pets feel safe, loved and happy.

    Does this sound like you?

    Here is what you can expect as a member of this community:
    • Weekly emails from yours truly with:
    o Ideas for connecting more deeply with your pets
    o Tips for understanding your pet’s behavior and shifting that behavior so you can enjoy your time together
    o Stories about pets and their people to inspire you
    o Invitations to work with me to better understand and communicate with your pet and help them with behavior, health and end of life care and decisions, such as one on one sessions, at your own pace programs, and online masterclasses

    If all this sounds like you, then congrats FNAME!
    You’re the newest member of Heart Centered Pet Parent Community –and I am really excited you’re here.

    Please reply LOVE MY PETS so I know you’re feeling good about being here, too.
    Talk to your pets – they DO understand you!
    P.S. We can tap into the connection you have with your pet to figure out WHY they do what they do, and to help them feel safe and loved and behave better. Ready to figure out how to help your pet? Let’s chat on a How To Help My Pet Call. You can find a time that works for you here.

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