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    Here is my draft. I decided to start over because I want to get my Calm & Pets: Storm and Fireworks program out for 4th of July /summer. Some of this was bolded and I can’t figure out how to make it bold here.

    I’d love feedback. It may be too long. Thanks!

    Hook: Is your pet afraid of storms or fireworks?

    It’s summer… that time of year which sadly many pets and their parents dread because they know storms and fireworks are coming.

    My dog Rosie used to refuse to go outside when she could sense a storm coming, and even inside the house she would shake and shiver until the fireworks or thunder were over.

    It is awful to see your sweet furbaby shaking and feel like there’s nothing you can do to help them.

    I figured out how to help her so she could feel more secure and less nervous.

    Here’s what I discovered:
    There is a reason that animals are afraid of storms and fireworks, and it’s not just the noise. Soundwaves are energy, and storms and fireworks emit large amounts of energy.
    I started assessing Rosie’s energy and I was able to see what happened to her energy when she sensed storms were coming, or when there were fireworks.
    Her energy became ungrounded and scattered.
    Some animals are more affected by this than others, but for those who are, you may notice your pet hiding, shaking, vocalizing, trying to get outside, sticking close to you or pacing. This clearly feels awful.
    So here’s what I figured out:
    • You can use your energy to help your pet feel calm.
    • Essential oils are a great tool to help your pet regain balance and calm.
    • There are places in your house that buffer the energy from storms and fireworks.
    Anyone can learn how to do this.

    So I created a technique that anyone can quickly learn and do to help their pet’s energy feel better during these times. I call it Anchor & Calm Technique, and an essential oil blend for pets that I know is great for supporting the nervous system, emotional system and grounding energy.
    I have seen these methods work with other dogs and even cats, too. I’ve decided to put my experience and expertise into a short, easy to use self-paced course so that anyone can help their pets.

    These tips and techniques can even be used in conjunction with other tools you may be using such as Thundershirts.
    I’m including a roller ball of my essential oil blend and a demo on how to use it, as well as a support from me because I want this to work for you and your pet!

    Wouldn’t it be great if you could help your pet feel more calm this summer?

    Find out more and get access to my Calm & Safe Pets: Storms and Fireworks program (link).

    Got questions? You know I love to talk to Pet Parents! Schedule a time to chat by phone with me here: (link to my calendar).

    Do you know a friend whose pets dread storms or fireworks?
    Forward this email…I’d love to help them have a better summer too.

    Talk to your pets…they DO understand you!

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    • Hi, Blair! I like the flow of your piece very much, especially how you note the FEELING of helplessness when your pet is afraid.
      The flow is great, but feels like it could be tightened up a bit. (perhaps consolidate the What I discovered and what I figured out sections?
      Great work!

    • This might be giving away a little too much. Is there anything you feel you can pull back on in V2 that will give them clarity that they need your help?

      One suggestion is to replace this phrase: So I created a technique that anyone can quickly
      With: I teach pet parents (or owners – how ever they are identifying when you speak to them) how to quickly

      See the difference? It is putting you as the solution and it is focusing on who this is for. You are not for “anyone” and I would avoid using that language 💜

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