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    2 weeks, 2 days ago

    Hi! @amymshannonhernandez-com I want to work on my welcome sequence for my email list and also my email sequence for my graduate clients. What’s the best way to seek support for working on this? Do I post here the actual content of the emails or how do I go about it?

    • My understanding Jaini is that you can post your drafts here and we all (including Amy and Shannon when they can) give feedback/comments.

      • Jaini! you are already an amazing community member. Thanks for bringing your question here.
        Once you watch the email nurture sequence replay from May – please post here. Your fellow Club members are here to ask you questions to help you get clearer. Shannon and me will be here to help you get clearer as well. But, you need to watch the replay first and use the format we suggest so that it is easier for us all to review ❤️

      • Thanks Whitney and Amy! I’ve found the May reply link and put it in my calendar to watch!

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