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    1 week, 5 days ago

    I can’t be on both calls today so I’ll be on the Quarterly session instead of this one. Your feedback is appreciated for my outcome/results oriented messaging (I’m not sure how to create a good call to action with this:

    Did you know that by being coached through your financial stress you can experience:
    Relief from the shame of exposing your money habits
    Acceptance that this is just where you are right now
    An eagerness to solve the problem once you have the plan and,
    Peace now that you finally understand what’s most important

    Clients often come to me with shame and embarrassment. They think their money habits are awful; they’re the only clients with this problem, and they think I’ll judge them for what I see.
    Completely not true on all points!

    Every client is different. When you come to me with a money challenge, oftentimes I’ve seen it before. I can guess what happened and I understand the emotions around it. There are often life events that cause money issues or sometimes a client is simply being carefree with their money and not paying attention.

    I know they need to understand what happened, they need a plan to move forward, they need to be reminded of what is most important to them, and most of all they need someone who listens to them without judgment.

    If what you’re looking for is acceptance, peace, and the motivation a plan provides, dm me to set up a call!

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