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    Here is a key reason you are still feeling anxious and unsettled even though you are taking medication, seeing a therapist or have shifted your thought patterns.

    You are not breathing slowly, diaphragmatically and through your nose.

    Let me explain. If you keep breathing in your chest and faster than your body actually needs, your brain and nervous system think you’re under threat – your brain thinks you are being chased by a tiger. When you continue to breath this way, patterns get set, creating a loop in your brain keeping you in a constant state of stress, inflammation and unease.

    I know, I’ve been there. After my marriage ended, I felt I was on fire. I would wake up everyday with my brain racing and feeling dread and panic. I was seeing a therapist and was prescribed medication, yet I still felt on edge. It wasn’t until I started paying attention to my breathing and learned how to breathe optimally that my anxiety dissipated.

    We are living in unprecedented times with complex challenges. And you are doing the work to acknowledge your state and find ways to ease your anxiety. I want you to take a moment to appreciate the steps you have taken and the work you have done.

    But you may still feel anxious and distressed. I know how demoralizing and frustrating this can be.

    If you have read this far, the next section is for you:

    I had a client come to me with debilitating anxiety. Her fear and distress was actually making her feel pain in her body. She had become a shell of her former self, isolating from friends and family and barely living.

    When she came to me we began tackling the neural loop that kept her in this state of fear and dis-ease. We worked on shifting the way she breathed. She was so tired of feeling lost that she dedicated herself to the work, met with me twice a week and practiced her breathing exercises daily. And BOOM! The shift occurred.

    She wrote to me, “Since our sessions, things have shifted so amazingly! I am a new person. Life is amazing!”

    She now has a new tribe of friends, rented new office space and is growing her business. Her life is expanding instead of contracting and joy has returned to her days.

    If you have been struggling with anxiety and have tried to address it unsuccessfully through medication, counseling, changes in diet or other modalities, shifting your breath could be part of the overall strategy you are missing.

    If you would like help addressing your anxious mind (which is costing you time, energy, money and joy) DM me and we can determine if your breathing patterns may be contributing to your anxiety and begin helping you change your breath so that you can feel calmer, more centered and live a life of playfulness and joy.

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