• 4-email nurture sequence
    Here’s the first two emails. Will finish the other two by our meeting on Wednesday!

    Email 1 Template: Lead Magnet + Quick Intro
    Subject Lines:

    FNAME, here is your resource, Visual Charisma for Coaches.
    Preview: [visual Charisma]
    Note: Send immediately upon resource opt-in

    Hello there, FNAME!…Read More

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    • Yay! I love these. And I really love this messaging: “There is no one you-er than you.” The subject line for email 1 is too long. REmember, about 5 words max. Otherwise these are great (do need to proofread again). And I LOVE the content you included!

    • I like the personalization of your subject line, but would rather see the full name of the resources as my preview text.

  • We can’t wait to see how your messaging has been working. Feel free to share links to your newsletter or social so we can celebrate with you. This content doesn’t just have to live in your nurture sequence. We will review anyone who needs their work reviewed on Wed and work in groups. If you missed last Wednesday’s session, please watch before…Read More

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  • Will you invite friends to the May 22 email marketing workshop? Here is something you can use:

    I have been working on my email marketing strategy and would love for you to join me with my email marketing mentors, Shannon and Amy, on May 22nd. They will be mapping out the 4 steps of your organic Joy Fueled™ Marketing Plan. This plan has helped…Read More

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  • Hello new fellow joyful marketing biz friends! I’m Christine, and I’m excited to be a part of this community! I’ve wanted to be here for a while, and the stars finally aligned for me to jump in and learn the ways of these fabulous humans! I can’t wait to meet all of you!

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  • Hello, new joyful friends!

    I’ve been looking for a group that can help me do the right things in the right way, plus being joyful and real, and CPC seems to cover it all. I’m looking forward to being helped and do my best to help others.

    I’ve been operating in the management consulting, coaching, and community-building space for many…Read More

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  • I sent out my email from this month’s content theme and have a 72% open rate but only 2% click rate. My content personality is video but I wonder if my email list wants to watch video?? I did a 1 min video intro and then had all the content written. I’d love feedback/thoughts if anyone has time. Here is the link:…Read More

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    • Hi Blair,
      I loved the content of your email. It was very to the point and informative. What I was missing was being told to click on your video. If this is the first video you have sent out to your audience they may not know or be used to clicking on it for a quick message. Something along the lines of “click here to see why there are no bad…Read More

  • Hey Video Content friends – has anyone played with Bonjoro, Video Ask, or Dubb as a way of connecting with prospects? I want to, and curious for any experience or suggestions you have for getting started.

    I’m tech savvy, so no worries on that score. I watched a few YouTube videos but they’re very ‘how-to’ oriented and I’m looking for more…Read More

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  • LTC:
    Title: Leadership Expedition Assessment
    Subtitle: Leadership is a journey, are you ready for it?

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    • I don’t know what expedition means until the second sentence. It was confusing to me. Leadership feels like a broad category. I cannot immediately tell if I fit into who you are looking for. Asking me if I’m ready for it brings up feelings of doubt and uncertainty, not hope or trust, or possibility. (Again, maybe I’m not the right person!) What is…Read More

  • LCT Homework – version 2+
    welcome letter:

    At Noetic Innovations, our programs provide tools and processes for leaders to be prepared for the changing future and to create high functioning teams in that environment.

    This means the leadership tools and insights shared with you in the Escape Velocity Leadership Program can help you…Read More

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    • Hi Thia, your content is good, but I can’t tell who your LCT is for. I don’t think it’s for me, but I’m not sure. I also got a bit confused when you said “employer brand differentiator,” I have no idea what that means but maybe your target audience will.

      I also felt confused with ” because we are not a workout once and say you are fit type of…Read More

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