About Me

Brett Johnson

Podcast Consultant

My clients focus on the 'WHY' they are podcasting, not on the 'HOW' to podcast.

As a 35-year radio veteran turned podcast consultant, I leverage my years of content creation, marketing skills, and sales to provide customized consulting solutions. I work with entrepreneurs, businesses, brands, and non-profits to plan, launch, produce, and implement podcasts into their marketing strategies.

This includes:
*developing and implementing strategic internal (private) and external (public) audio content
*targeting the right audience for your content
*delivering your content through multi-channel marketing and content repurposing
*professional recording and publishing of your audio content

All business strategy is a story. And podcasts are now a staple in marketing strategies.

Your business needs to craft and tell compelling stories to grow revenue and increase impact. People buy stories much more than anything else. That’s what businesses are about. Own your story, engage and interact with your customers and clients, and grow your brand with your own podcast!

Business branding, business message control, and audience targeting are key elements of podcasting. Podcasting is a powerful medium when produced correctly and strategically.