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    2 weeks ago

    Here’s the email that went to my list last week. It was inspired at the story telling event in Miami – and Shannon came up with the headline for me when I shared it with the group. And, Amy was the facilitator who came to my rescue!

    Subject line – Lonely, Lost and Late. Preview line – Can You Relate?

    Its late April 2024. I’m walking the streets of Miami in heels, lugging my laptop with me. I’m late for a business event I’ve been excite d about for months. I can’t find the location.
    I’m sweaty, my shoulder is sore, and I’m walking in circles.
    And I also suddenly feel very alone in this crowded city. I’m tempted to jump on a trolley and head back to my hotel.
    And then one of the facilitators at the event reaches out to me – “Just checking to make sure you are finding your way to us ok.”
    She continues to message me and help me to navigate to my meeting, even coming down 17 floors to meet me on the street. I gratefully hug her and join the rest of the group.
    Can you relate to feeling lost and lonely?
    You’re not alone.
    Loneliness is an epidemic; a recent poll by the American Psychiatric Association revealed that one in three Americans feels lonely every week. Loneliness has been referred to as a public health crisis harming individual and societal health.
    Amidst the alarming statistics around loneliness, it’s crucial to recognize its pervasive impact, especially as individuals age. Given these findings, I’m committed to continuing my efforts to combat this pressing issue, particularly within the realm of business ownership and leadership.
    By acknowledging and addressing the root causes of loneliness, we can create environments that promote inclusivity, support, and genuine human connection.
    I’m committed to improving these statistics and fostering environments where individuals feel valued, supported, and connected. Even as I work towards this goal, I too grapple with feelings of loneliness at times.

    Acknowledging the ongoing struggle with loneliness, I am determined to play my part in addressing this challenge, particularly within the community of business owners and leaders.

    I am excited to announce an upcoming event: an in-person mastermind at my lakehouse in Southwestern Ontario next month.
    This gathering presents a unique opportunity for business owners and leaders to come together, offering mutual support, fostering meaningful connections, and nurturing relationships.
    It’s about creating a space where individuals can feel valued, understood, and empowered. I believe that through collaboration and community-building, we can take meaningful steps towards combating loneliness and creating a more supportive and connected environment for all.

    Write me back for details.

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