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    2 weeks ago

    Here is my landing page for the lead conversion tool that was created from April’s Lead Magnet Workshop. I have connected everything and the delivery emails have been written and timed out. I would love your thoughts and feedback. (I am still working on the mobile responsive settings) https://wulfdenprofessionalsolutions.com/from-tangled-tech-to-smooth-systems/

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    • I love how clean this page feels, and the graphic you have of the two head really feels like tangled to smooth! I also love the title of your LCT. Most of your page seems to be clear on who it is for and how this helps. The only part I was not sure about was this: My ultimate mission is to empower women-owned small businesses and entrepreneurs to champion inclusion, diversity, and giving back within their sphere of influence. I am not sure what this means (but I am probably not your target audience :).

    • Hi @carriewulfdenprofessionalsolutions-com – good job. LOVE the graphic at the top and the promise/transformation of the resource. I did get lost on the page, there is a lot going on there. What can be SIMPLIFIED and removed? And remember a landing page has no other menu items/social icons, CTA on the page. I’m including a link to our landing page designs that convert really well. Notice how SIMPLE and streamlined they are: https://joyfulbusinessrevolution.com/quiz/



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