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    I’m putting this in my Saturday newsletter and on wednesdays facebook after we look at it.
    Thank you Ingrid for all the assistance- love working with accountability buddies.

    Here’s the key reason you’re not creating a life, you love even though you keep taking classes and workshops .

    Could it be possible you haven’t been taught that the joy of living a life you love comes from the inside out?

    Let’s face it, we’re not taught how to create a joy filled life. We simply repeat what we’ve observed from our parents, grandparents, family, and teachers.

    We spin our wheels creating our lives according to their norms of society even though we know its not what brings us joy.

    This can be demoralizing and frustrating because you feel like you don’t even know yourself anymore.

    If you’ve read this far.

    This segment is for you

    Alicia came to me filled with dreams of becoming a writer. She was a highly gifted musician, had a Phd in literature , was a mom, had raised two beautiful sons and with all of these accomplishments she was constantly questioning if her dream book was way beyond her reach.

    As we began working together, she realized she was trapped by the belief that what ever she was doing wasn’t good enough.

    Can you relate?

    Where did that feeling come from?

    It turned out she had been raised by highly judgemental parents who had her second guessing her actions all the time.

    Determined to trust her instincts, Alicia began the process of releasing her attachment to the layers of self-doubt she had used to protect herself from outsiders opinions.

    Those had to be peeled away!

    She was committed to creating a new reality , one that nurtured her creativity.
    As Alicia became more and more confident using the Congruent Living Method, she began to create a distance between herself and the negative thoughts. feelings and emotions she had grown up with.

    She learned that what people said about her was none of her business

    Once Alicia acknowledged she was in the business of creating a life she loved without regret,
    she expected the best of herself and listened to her own needs.

    I’m happy to let you know that Alicia’s dream is now her reality.
    As I write this, Alicia is in the middle of working with a publisher and feeling like the world is hers to create with.

    If you, like Alicia, have a dream for your life and you’re fed up with feeling hopeless, frustrated and misunderstood, chances are you’re also done with the hamster wheel of some day my dreams will come

    Learning how to create a vision for a life you love, requires you to tune in into that inner voice that knows whats true for you.

    Now is the time to create a future that loves you back.

    Reach out to me today
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    • I think this is really great and I’m glad you had an accountability partner. The only word I would disagree with is “demoralizing”. I’m not sure people feel demoralized when they follow the paths set forth by their families or society. Maybe another word is more accurate here? Or tell me why you think that is correct.



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