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  • Behind the times; I’ve been focusing on TCE.
    Here are a few values to start with some digging deep. I’ll leave it here tonight for any feedback but I do need to review and dig deeper to see how to implement it into the business.
    Thanks for the review!

    Confident- I believe that women should feel confident understanding and managing their money on…Read More

    • you switch between “we” and “I”. Just wanted to make sure it was intentional.

    • Being from a small town and living in one now – your trust statement is right fucking on! How you explained Integrity is very kind. I could see where using Sincerity would be better. Instead of relationships do you use community? or People.

      • 😁 Right?! I do like Sincerity better than Integrity. That’s closer to my heart. I really reflected on relationships over the weekend and connection really hits it for me. It’s not only the people that I meet but the next connection that we forge. Some develop into relationships; all are important at some level.

      • But I’ll need to change the definition on that word then. Not all of that will work

      • Tell me your thoughts on this updated copy:
        Confident- We believe that women should feel confident in understanding and managing their money on their own terms
        Trust–We believe that relationships are built on trust and not on gossip or false stories
        Sincerity-We believe that we all benefit when we’re honest with ourselves and others about our…Read More

        • These sound good to me, Julianne! Is it important to you that most of your sentences don’t have periods on the end? And I wonder whether the list would be even more effective in a different order. Have you played with the ordering of the middle three?

          • lol Thanks Ruth, that’s modern vernacular to leave off punctuation (common on social media) but I would normally include the periods. I have not thought about the order; interesting to think about. So I would probably put them in order of the client process then: Trust, Sincerity, Compassion, Confidence, and Connection. I adjusted the words a…Read More

            • Yes, that’s a good adjustment for the value words. I like your new order but I also like starting with Confidence because that seems like what your people are looking for and that’s what they’ll see first. In which case you’d be back to your initial order! Sit with both and see what feels right to you. The only thing about the puctuation is when…Read More

  • I can’t be on both calls today so I’ll be on the Quarterly session instead of this one. Your feedback is appreciated for my outcome/results oriented messaging (I’m not sure how to create a good call to action with this:

    Did you know that by being coached through your financial stress you can experience:
    Relief from the shame of exposing your…Read More

  • Feedback please on my bio for my website. Doing some clean up.
    Julianne Miller is an Accredited Financial Counselor who is qualified to help you overcome the stress of living paycheck to paycheck and get you on the path to reach your next goals. She has worked with both sole proprietors and women individually to help them overcome their…Read More

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    • I’d change it to first person. From “she” to “I”. First sentence – I am an Accredited Financial Counselor who helps women overcome … Make it stronger. Be bolder. What makes you different? Is there some reason you became a financial counselor?

      • Very helpful, thank you. I have been trying to lead with Daring lately but didn’t apply that here. I’ll rethink this some. I appreciate the feedback!

        • Daring is a good word. Keep it front and center.

        • You just prompted me to update my bio on my website. I’m taking all the reins off. Sharing it in case it inspires you.

          I have a box of letters. Old hand-written tear-stained letters written to a dear friend decades ago.

          Those letters take me back to a time when I was barely getting by. I wrote about:

          – Scoring 20 cent packages of ramen noodles…Read More

          • Wow, that’s much more involved than mine. I revamped AND sent it off but it’s still not so involved. I really need to rethink some more. Thank you for your help. Detail, that seems to be the key.

            • I’ve had more generic versions, and I’m just laying it all out there now. Whether it’s the best way to go remains to be seen. Do what feels right to you.

  • I need a little help with some brainstorming please. My clients are often busy and distracted with everyday life that they don’t focus on what is most important to them or aren’t focused on their dreams and goals. I haven’t found a shorter marketing phrase that works for me. Any ideas?

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    • Hi Julianne. Remember that people buy with emotions. “focus on dreams/goals” isn’t gonna sell, or at least be painfully hard to sell. So, what do THEY WANT more than anything else?

      • Thank you let me mull this over and put some emotion to what they’re thinking and wanting when they come. I know they want calm, they want peace, they want someone to listen and “hear” them. They want direction, organization, professionalism, resources. Just brainstorming. I’ll reflect on some of this. Get out the juicy burger again 🙂

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