• My 3 Core values

    I believe the more we get to know, like and trust ourselves, the stronger our sense of purpose and wholeness will be. As a result, it will strengthen your ties to family, friends and community.

    I believe leading a life we love is an ongoing phenomenon; one of innovation, joy and congruency. It makes work…Read More

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  • Not sure if we are meeting now, Kerstin, did you organize a zoom link? if not no worries, Ill catch you all tomorow

  • Draft of my Brand Commitment Statements.

    • What is yours to do concerning your clients?
    I am committed to holding the space for my clients to investigate them selves with out judgement, thier hopes, their dreams, what they have found they bump up against, who they are asking to be ,and what else is truly poissible in creating a life they l…Read More

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  • would love some brainstorming help , anyone else needing help on their homework for tomorrow ? IM available at 5 -6:30 pm tonight Monday

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  • Kerstin are you still meeting? Just saw this about a meeting today, would love some help on my statements

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