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    3 weeks, 1 day ago

    Okay, I’ve finally completed a draft of my lead magnet! I’m attaching a pdf mock-up, because it’s a visual guide and I wanted to indicate the relationship of copy and visual elements. It is a ROUGH mock-up. I’m interested in how the visual guide strikes you. Reactions to the messaging. Do you find it useful? Please be specific about the things that land with you and the things that don’t.
    Thanks so much!

    Visual Charisma for Co...s Lead Magnet Draft.pdf
    35.01 MB
    • Love the visual flow of this!
      On the cover, aer YOU ideal clients saying these words? Elevate your online authority, attract
      next-level clients, connect more deeply,
      and create more impact (without being fake)

    • OMG, Dan!! Your portraits speak for themselves!! When you are in Seattle, let’s schedule a shoot!!

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