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    3 days, 15 hours ago

    Next iteration lead (conversion) magnet. Looking for feedback on messaging and appeal.


    Here’s the download landing page. Still working long getting the form working properly. Also looking for feedback on messaging.



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    • Hey Dan! Because your brand is BADASSITY I was expecting some big bold language in the copy that really stood out. I personally got distracted by the taps in the heading that made me wanted to click away from the lead magnet. I would remove them for your lead magnet. I would break the initial messaging up to something like this: Calling All Bad Ass Coaches and Transformational Leaders looking to build a bad ass personal brand. Then I would insert a question: Are you ready to finally command attention, build meaningful connections, and book your dream clients? (PS. current heading has a typo YOU should be YOUR). Then I would say Look no further introducing Visual Charisma for Coaches and Transformational Leaders. I don’t think you need those images with the text on the right-hand side. The description of Visual Charisma should be enough. I would bullet point it so it’s easy on the eyes.

    • What if you shortened the headline from “Hello, coaches and transformational leaders.
      Are your personal brand images commanding attention, building connection, and winning you new clients?” to:

      Your coaching can transform lives.
      But are your personal brand images commanding attention and building connection to win you new clients?

      the first line should be bold or larger tex if possible

    • @danbadassity-com I like this version so much better than the first. The way you added your color to each slide gave it more visual appeal for me (I’m a visual content person). I am LOVING the way that you broke down the assessment into the colored boxes. It makes it hard to miss. ANd the Name It – Frame It- Play It- slide feels much more on brand for you!

      The rest of this, you can take with a grain of salt. It’s just some minor editing/formatting items that my logistical eyeballs gravitated towards.

      I did notice on #4 – Establish your professional authority; on the last bullet point, you have capitalized the “i” in “HIm”. On #5 the colored copy in the second paragraph – the final “s” in professions is missing the color. On slide #6, the far right edge of the copy is cut off and we are missing the last letter or two. On slide #7, 3rd paragraph, it “i” in inviting is a different color than the rest of the word. On your testimonials, a could of the bolded headline sentences are in a different color than the rest.

    • When I click your download link it takes me to the success page

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