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    Here’s the Outcome post for my Money Archetype Quiz. Would love your feedback.

    Here’s a major reason why you haven’t taken charge of your money, even though you are a smart and savvy woman with a decent salary.

    The financial industry has turned finances into a boring, jargon-filled, and overly complicated endeavor. Their one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t reflect your values, your priorities, and your circumstances.

    Let me explain. Money conjures up all sorts of emotions and thoughts. But the world of finances is about logic, formulas, and calculated risk. What they fail to recognize is that your past experiences and your personality influences the way you approach money.

    Essentially . . . the financial industry is about rules. Rules that apply to everyone. But what if you hate rules? What if their singular approach to setting a budget or trimming expenses makes you a little nauseous? What if . . . there was another approach? A personalized approach?


    Recently, I chatted with Megan, who told me that she HATES budgets. She hates everything about them – lumping expenses into categories, setting an exact dollar amount, tracking everything she buys. Megan said, “I know I’m supposed to have a budget, but I just can’t bring myself to do it. I’ve tried, but I just despise the entire process.”

    I asked Megan to take the Money Archetype quiz so we could learn about her approach to money and her spending habits. Megan is a WANDERER: She’s a free spirit, a creative, who loves the spontaneity of life.

    Now we had a great starting point! I knew that Megan felt that structure – including the structure of a budget – would harness her spontaneity, and her creativity. Somewhere deep inside, she believed that either you could have money or you could have joy; but not both.

    So I gave Megan a mission. I asked her to take the three-day challenge for Wanderers. She received an affirmation specific to her archetype, shared her vision of a dream life, and took one small step toward taking control of her finances.


    That budget hang-up? It’s gone! Because now she has a new budgeting tool – one that’s flexible and doesn’t care about categories. It fits the free spirit nature of Wanderers and it’s helping Megan save more money than she ever dreamed possible.

    Megan learned that she’s not as unique as she thought. In fact, she’s got a lot of company in the Wanderer archetype. She has a new way of looking at her money that leaves her in charge – and allows her to be even MORE creative – she doesn’t have to waste her energy worrying about money.

    ➡️ If you’d like to discover how your personality can help you on your financial journey, I invite you to take the Money Archetype Quiz. Are you a Scout, Wanderer, Globetrotter, or Voyager? Once you discover your archetype, take the 3-day challenge to move forward.

    Message me or comment for the link to the Money Archetype Quiz.

    I am here for you. 💖




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