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    This is my long outcome post for Gutsy Women Finances community. Would love some feedback.

    Here’s a major reason why you haven’t taken charge of your money, even though you are a smart and savvy woman with a good salary.

    You weren’t taught much about personal finances – either from your family or school. So maybe you feel a little lost and alone when it comes to money? Could it also be that you’ve been hurt in the past and you just don’t trust someone to guide you on your financial journey?


    The degrees don’t matter when it comes to knowledge about what to do with your money. You can have a shiny doctoral degree and have ZERO knowledge about what to do with your paychecks. And as your career progresses, who do you talk to about money? Do you have a money buddy? The truth is, financial freedom can be a lonely journey, especially for women who are on their own. Throw in the trust factor, and it’s no surprise that women aren’t doing as well as men financially.

    Ironic, isn’t it? Here we are – successful, independent, career-minded women – and yet, we stumble when it comes to building our wealth. I know you’re doing the best you can. But what if you could do better? What if, you knew the exact steps to take to build financial freedom? What if, you could gain clarity on what you want out of life and drive your money toward a joy-filled goal? What if, you had a team of kickass women supporting you on your journey?


    The other day, Caitlyn checked in with me. When we first met, I asked Caitlyn what she had learned about personal finances. She laughed and said, “I learned that money ruins relationships. That money is hard to get and easy to lose.”

    We dug a little deeper. Caitlyn told me, “There have been a lot of times when I thought, I just don’t know what to do. But this time, I really meant it. I didn’t even know where to start.” You see, it was only at the end of her marriage that she discovered a huge unpaid tax bill and the looming possibility of bankruptcy. And she was cautious – she felt vulnerable when it came to trusting people.

    Now we were getting somewhere. I knew that Caitlyn had to rebuild her financial foundation, but she also had to change her relationship with money. She needed to build up her confidence. So the first thing Caitlyn did was take the Quick Start course in the Gutsy Women Finances community. There she was introduced to the Dream Plan Save Do framework. She learned that the first part of the journey was about purpose and motivation – figuring out what she wanted out of life – and she dove right in.

    Caitlyn rediscovered her dreams! Dreams that she had brushed aside for the sake of her career and marriage. I asked Caitlyn about the turning point. She told me it was the live workshop she participated in as a member of the Gutsy Women Finances community – Create a Vision Board of your Fabulous Future. Now she has purpose and clarity, and she has an awesome plan that is the heartbeat of her financial journey.

    Caitlyn has thrived since joining the Gutsy Women Finances community. She has gained some priceless things– belief in herself, dreams that sparkle, and a group of kickass friends in her corner. She has taken her power back!

    ➡️ If you’d like to discover how the Gutsy Women Finances community can help you grow your wealth and build your dream life, I invite you to join us.

    Message me or comment below to start the conversation.

    I am here for you. 💖

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