• Nitty Gritty Details post. This is a first draft. Does it flow?

    Here’s a major reason why your personal brand photos aren’t bringing in new clients.

    You’re not defining your unique brand-essence (simply, your singular way of showing up in service of your clients) to guide your photo shoot.

    A “show up and shoot” approach to brand…Read More

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  • Hi everyone! I just wrote a post from what we learned in this week’s session. Let me know what you think!

    For People Who Want to Buy Clothes That Skyrocket Their Confidence with Style

    Here’s 3 major reasons why you keep buying clothes that hang in your closet:
    1. You don’t know how to use COLOR to boost your appearance.
    2. You don’t kno…Read More

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    • Great first draft. Just a little clean up to the last paragraph./
      Join today with an exclusive membership fee of $30 a month or $336 for the year! The VIP Personal Style Club will meet online every 3rd Thursday of the month at 11 am CT at starts January 18th. Can’t make it live? No worries! It will be recorded and posted in the private Facebook Group.

    • One other suggestion. Let’s have fun and learn how to slay dressing in a way that does not represent the true YOU. I would remove does not, and speak in the affirmative. Dress in a way that REPRESENTS the TRUE YOU!

    • HI @melani-alcaino16gmail-com – is the problem they buy clothes that hang in their closet unworn? (b/c hang in you closet by itself is confusing to. me). And if that is the case (seems as it is), then this title needs to connected with the overall message. As it is now, it doesn’t. But I would make it read something like this: For People Who Want…Read More

    • I like it, but I would change this part to a positive statement: “slay dressing in a way that does not represent the true YOU.” P.S.: I just saw that someone posted above.

  • Value Messaging
    Wrote up a draft new client story. These client stories are intended to:
    – demonstrate my expertise and 3-step process (define brand needs / design photo concept and expression / capture essence in the photo shoot)
    – draw potential clients into imagining what this discovery and expression process might look like for themselves
    -…Read More

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    • Wow @danbadassity-com I LOVE this for so many reasons. We will get a visual with the story, we get the process you use – from the questions you ask AND then we get your insight as an expert about the elements of the photograph. I LOVE THIS. I might would ask a quesiton at the end that would engage people to comment/hit reply in email that would…Read More

    • @danbadassity-com also – can you please uploadd your picture to your profile so we see YOU?

    • Went right to your website to see the photo. Awesome, Dan!

    • I love how you wrote about what she wanted and then connected it to your outcome and how you met her needs and communicated her message through the picture. example-the stone church courtyard for its solidity and stability. great job!

      • Thank you so much, Allison! For me the question is always, what does this photograph need to express / communicate? That drives everything else. Appreciate your feedback!

  • Hi everyone!
    Just getting started here in the Forum. Very happy to be a part of this community.

    For those interested here’s a little of my path… and what I offer.

    My CP Type: Live/In person; Enneagram 1 with a 2 wing; Projector 6/2, with mental authority;
    I consider myself to be quite introverted- but can definitely pull off an extroverted…Read More

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  • Sales Qualifier Questions

    I revised my sales qualifier questions on the Packages page of my website: https://www.badassity.com/packages
    The qualifier questions are in the form of statements in a section entitled Who’s This For? for each of my packages.
    Feedback requested: Are the differentiations of the packages clear? Each successive package…Read More

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    • Very clear to me. One thing that might need to be explained is “on-location session”. This could be read as on your location or on a location of my choice.

    • Hi Dan, I like your packages, and the “who is it for” is very clear. That made me think about mine, as I have these sections on my offers and packages. But, Reality check : I don’t think people read them (if they even reach that place of the offer description page !)
      So I would suggest that you have a form (or maybe it is included in your sales…Read More

    • Remember, people don’t always read a website. I would use better question in your schedule a consultation form. “How can I help” is too generic.

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